1FS Schools is the industry solution for accessing K-12 product information.
We connect Buyers and Sellers in the K-12 market space.

The 1FS Schools platform allows manufacturers to easily manage their K-12 product information. Manufacturers can share product specifications, CN Labels, Product Formulation Statements and Buy American letters in one central location for all the Co-Ops and districts they sell to.

Mfr. GS1 Publication Instructions

To date, Co-Ops across the country have partnered with Telus/Blacksmith to utilize the 1FS Schools platform to manage the collection of product information and assist them with purchasing decisions. Close to 10,000 school food service personel are currently registered to login into 1FS Schools.

Any Co-Op or district can have access! Set up is quick and easy!

For more information, email 1fssupport@blacksmithapplications.com.