The Dannon Company, Inc., is the top-selling brand of yogurt worldwide, sold under the names Dannon and Danone. All Dannon products feature the National Yogurt Association's (NYA) Live and Active Culture seal. This seal appears on the package to assure consumers that Dannon products meet NYA criteria for live and active culture yogurt.

The Dannon Company prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality, wholesome products and responding to consumers' needs with innovative new products and flavors. Dannon is committed to encouraging healthy eating and living and strives to innovate with one goal in mind: to create foods for families and individuals with their health and enjoyment in mind.

The Dannon Company's commitment to health and nutrition goes beyond the business of yogurt. As a company grounded in nutritional health, Dannon is an active partner in giving families what they need to be healthy now and educating and caring for tomorrow's healthy kids. To this end, the company established the Dannon Institute, a non-profit organization founded to create, encourage and support programs in nutrition and health, to enable people of all ages to learn and experience the role a healthy diet plays in their lifelong, overall health.

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