Established in 1933 in Reading, Pa., Berks Packing Company, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned, regional meat and food processor offering a large selection of Berks brand hams, franks, smoked sausages and deli meats.

Under the supervision of CEO and father Charles "Pat" Boylan, son and President Michael J. Boylan and eight siblings have built the Berks brand on a long-standing tradition of excellent product quality and superior customer service. Berks backs its time-honored traditions and good, old-fashioned family values with a "We make it right. Or...we make it right." pledge to customers. This pledge assures you get nothing but the best when you buy Berks - guaranteed. 
Berks unyielding dedication to quality has brought forth three generations of family and community prosperity within Pennsylvania's Dutch region of Berks County. Currently, the company services an area from the New England states to Florida and as far west as Michigan, but Berks plans to travel far beyond these borders as the news of delicious products and unbeatable quality reach out to new customers like you. 

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