Since 1991, passion for delivering awesome coffee has been the driving force behind Crimson Cup.  Our cuppers travel the world, visit indigenous farmers in remote regions, and get to know coffee from the ground up. We import only the world's finest coffee beans, roast them carefully by hand at our worldwide headquarters, and deliver fresh-roasted beans to customers across the country. Crimson Cup is always experimenting with new coffee blends, espresso machines, brewing methods, syrups, sauces, and smoothies because we want to keep bringing you the best-tasting coffee drinks on earth.

Greg Ubert, Chris Lamb, and Armando set about creating a blend that would change the way coffee lovers thought about their favorite brew. It had to meet certain criteria, among them, make a great espresso, wonderful caffè latte, caffè mocha, and make a fantastic drip coffee. Together, the three men became one super cupper. Armando had the taste for espresso, Greg had the taste for lattes and mochas, and Chris had the taste for drip coffee. Over the course of nine months, they created hundreds of blends in pursuit of that perfect cup. The result was Armando's Blend, still Crimson Cup's #1 product.

Armando's Blend was another step in the Crimson Cup mission to provide awesome coffee. The business was doing well in part because Greg believed in investing in his customers. He believed and still does that investing in customers leads to stronger and longer relationships. By spending time helping customers improve their efficiencies and bottom line, Greg was investing in the future of both their companies which created an engaging work life, a fun environment, and the ability to carve out time and resources to give back to the community.

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