Branding Iron was formally introduced to the world in 2013, and we've been changing perceptions ever since. Combining the strengths of our three core companies - Holten Meats, Rochester Meat Company, and Huisken Meat Company - has allowed us to hit the ground running in every way. The combined reputations, equipment, teams, and processes of our big three isn't the driving force behind Branding Iron. It's the unified customer-centric philosophy putting your reputation before ours that really makes this thing work so well. We create all of our products to work for you and your specific needs. We listen, learn, and work together to create a perfect fit for you because if it doesn't work for your business, it doesn't work for us either.

Your needs come first because we measure our success on your success. Sure, we have the quality, safety, and an order-fill ratio to compete with anyone, but that alone doesn't necessarily make us the right fit for your business. We separate ourselves from others in the industry with a belief that together we can achieve great things, that a team is stronger than an individual, and that a real connection with you, our customer, is the most valuable asset of our business. We want to be more than just an assembly line because you need more. We want to be your problem solvers and unique thinkers, but most of all, we want to be on your team.

Our Brands