In 1941, a man with a vision set out to build a business.  Noticing his friends and neighbors were relying more and more on the corner bakery, he had the idea of how he could help the busy baker.  Equipped with one small bakery blender, he began producing bread and donut mixes and selling them to local bakers, founding what is now Bake'n Joy Foods, Inc.

Today, Bake'n Joy Foods is a leading manufacturer of top-quality bakery products. Our product lines have expanded to include frozen batters and doughs as well as predeposited and preportioned frozen batters and doughs, fillings and toppings and the traditional mixes and bases which first launched the company.

Bake'n Joy still relies on the simple philosophy of giving customers the products and assistance they need to be successful. With a vigilant eye on the changing needs of the baking industry, Bake'n Joy is committed to meeting those needs with innovative products and unparalleled service.  

As a member of the founding family, I am proud of the values and principals that have made Bake'n Joy the company it is today.  I invite you to discover the opportunities for growth Bake'n Joy offers you.