The foundation for Del Real Foods is rooted in a small town in the central part of Mexico.  This town was home to the Cardenas family for many generations.  A family who for years thrived in the rich culture and traditions of central Mexico. 

In 1970  the Cardenas family came to the US in search of a better future.  Along with their memories and rich culture, the family brought with them their love for traditional Mexican food.  Many sacrifices were made when they first arrived in this country but one thing they were not willing to sacrifice was their cravings for traditional high quality Mexican food. 

The Cardenas family cooked authentic Mexican dishes from scratch by using the recipes and cooking methods which were passed down for generations.  Their homemade dishes soon became popular with friends and neighbors who raved about the authenticity of their food.

The popularity and high demand for their cuisine led the Cardenas family to start Del Real Foods.  The Cardenas family continues to play an integral role in the development of every Del Real product assuring that all of our flavors and textures are authentic and stay true to our roots. 

Del Real authentic Mexican food can be found in nearly all channels of distribution including restaurants, grocery store delis, club and retail stores. 

Del Real is a very successful company that is prepared for continued challenges and well positioned for significant growth in the future.

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