At Butterball Farms, Inc. we believe butter is an art unto itself.  We present butter so beautiful, your guests will pause with delight and praise your attention to detail.

So, is there a relationship between Butterball Butter and the Butterball Turkey?

Yes- Leo Peters

Leo was the inventor behind both the Butterball Turkey and Butterball Butter.  When he sold the name Butterball and the patents covering the Buterball Turkey, he included in the terms the right to license back the name "Butterball" for use with butter.

Leo was fascinated by the intricate detail achieved by the chocolate and candy industry.  He spent the rest of his life working on embossing butter because he believed "butter should be beautiful".  Leo passed away in 1995 at the age of 86 and was very active in the business until his death.  His son Mark now runs the business and takes great pride in continuing the tradition of making beautiful butter and shipping it all over the world.

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