Jerry B. Wood Jr. and his two sons Jerry "Twig" B. Wood, III and Craig B. Wood founded Brookwood Farms, Inc. in 1978.  In developing their family business plan, they recognized that a "barbeque restaurant" style barbeque was not offered at the commercial level.  Developing their cooking concept was easy, cook like a barbeque restaurants cook...over coals.  Hence, they adopted a traditional cooking method, cooking barbeque over charcoal on open pits.  This method seems simple which it is. Take a vat of charcoal, strike a match, and start slow cooking.  It's as simple as that.  Brookwood Farms Barbeque has a flavor you can't get from electric or gas fired ovens.  The Pit Master and his crew manage over 100 yards of barbeque pits spending hours slow cooking the meat while constantly stoking the coals to insure that all the cooking specifications are met.

Brookwood Farms has grown over the years to be a regional preference barbeque.  They definitely have taste that is unmistakably delicious and authentically Brookwood Farms.


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