Michael's Bakery Products was founded in 1987 and provides ready-to-bake frozen cookie dough to elite purveyors throughout the US. Why cookies? If you ask Michael, he'll explain how cookies are the perfect comfort food, helping customers recall fond childhood memories. Michael's Bakery Products' mission is twofold. First, to produce cookies so good that they're the closest a customer can come to fresh-from-the-oven homemade. Second, to instill the notion that gourmet cookies like these can't be found just anywhere. Only the finest venues serve Michael's Bakery Products.

Today, Michael's Bakery Products offers more than 20 premium flavors served by some of the hospitality industry's most recognized names including Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and Fairmont to name just a few. Since opening its doors, Michael's Bakery Products has become a recognized hallmark in the hospitality industry, capturing First Place for Best Product in Outstanding Food Service at the National Association for Specialty Foods New York Trade Show and the American Taste Award conferred by the American Tasting Institute of San Francisco.

With its superior selection of all-natural, certified kosher ingredients, wide variety of flavors, advanced packaging, and high emphasis on customer satisfaction, Michael's Bakery Products is the cookie of choice among discriminating gourmet chefs and quality food service establishments.

Michael's Bakery Products offers a wide variety of the most tempting flavors and versatile product lines to satisfy the desires of every customer such as chocolate chip, chocolate chip walnut, double chocolate chip, peanut chip, oatmeal raisin walnut, oatmeal cinnamon raisin walnut, chunky chocolate, fudge nut brownie, coconut chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, cappuccino chocolate chunk, vanilla sugar, maple pecan, vanilla sugar, almond, pumpkin chocolate chip, chocolate mint, maple pecan, ginger spice, white chocolate cranberry, lemon, brownie cookie, gluten-free options, sugar-free options, 100% whole grain options, and more.

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