Introducing Custom Culinary®, a renewed emphasis on the taste, authenticity, flexibility and overall quality you've come to rely on from CUSTOM® bases, sauces and gravies.

Used as directed to free up your time and budget without sacrificing authentic flavor and quality ingredients, or used as the starting point for your own new and creative signature dishes, only Custom Culinary® offers the bold, True Taste flavors culinary professionals demand in their kitchens.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new look. We know you’ll enjoy our continued commitment to helping you achieve your best, and our continued focus on what matters most to you, the culinary professional.

Custom Culinary® offers culinary professionals the highest quality, most authentic tasting food products available.   


  • True Taste Authenticity: The most authentic bases, sauces and gravies available created by our dedicated staff of culinary experts.       
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Guaranteed highest quality. Guaranteed Satisfaction.       
  • Unsurpassed Quality: The most consistent and reliable bases, sauces, and gravies available.       
  • Unmatched Customer Service: Unsurpassed customer service and support       
  • Reliability: True Taste reliability and consistency.       
  • Convenience: Time-labor savings and profit-building potential


  • Custom Culinary® Gold Label Bases use real meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables to give signature dishes their authentic flavor.  Only Custom Culinary™ offers the widest range of made-from-scratch flavors that give culinary professionals a wide range of menu possibilities.       
  • Custom Culinary® PanRoast™ Gravy Mixes are exceptionally authentic gravies that taste like real pan drippings.  Only ingredients of the highest quality – including prime roasted meats, unique flavors and seasonings – go into creating these rich, savory gravies.      
  • Custom Culinary® also offers an array of healthy offerings including low sodium, no added MSG, vegan and vegetarian products.