More then sixty years ago, Peter and Angelina Carando brought their treasured family recipes from Italy to their new home in America. What extraordinary treasures they were! These recipes demanded the use of the finest ingredients and the best spices available, producing delicious home style meals for their family.

Passed down through the generations, these distinctive recipes now make delicious family meals for you. With the sense of pride and tradition, Carando Gourmet continues to offer you authentic Old World Flavors, and delicious home style taste. Buon Appetito!

In 1999, Country Chef joined the Carando family with over 20 years of market tested quality recipes of traditional American, as well as exciting International dishes. And in 2002, the Carando family introduced the Priscilla's Gourmet line of specialty deep-dish quiches, calzones and a unique Torta Rustica.

Now Carando Gourmet brings a variety of easy to prepare foods "like Grandma used to make" to your table with the same quality and tradition you've come to expect from the Carando family.

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