Since 1951, products from the Par-Way Tryson Company have been the leading choice of foodservice and bakery companies nationwide.

All the products in our line of pan coating and seasoned cooking sprays are quick and easy to use, and fit the healthier way people are eating today.

Par-Way Tryson vegetable oil products contain no cholesterol, animal fats, preservatives, or sodium and are certified Kosher. Our products are scientifically designed to be sprayed so your application is quick and precisely controlled. This technology allows you to use less oil in cooking and baking which greatly reduces the calorie and fat content of your finished products.

Par-Way Tryson products play key roles in today’s fast paced foodservice and bakery kitchens. Our shelf stable sprays require no refrigeration so they’re always within easy reach. They also meet the strictest sanitation standards. You’ll find Par-Way/Tryson products are time and money savers--reducing clean-up time and product waste.

Our flagship product, Vegalene, is the number one brand pan coating in the foodservice industry. Par-Way Tryson continues to expand its line of quality products and is always growing to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry we serve. We’d like to thank our customers for making us the leading choice.