NESTLE COFFEE MATE Coffee Creamer Hazelnut Liquid Concentrate Pump Bottle - 50.7 fl. Oz.

By: Nestle®  From: Nestle Professional

NESTLE COFFEE MATE Liquid Concentrate Pump Bottle, Hazelnut flavor coffee creamer is a harmonious blend of deliciously rich, velvety smooth sweet and nutty hazelnut notes that will enhance your cup of coffee. Packaged in a 1.5L liquid concentrate pump bottle, this format is the perfect solution that is easy to use and convenient for your customers. This liquid concentrate creamer does not need to be refrigerated and will retain its great flavor at room temperature for up to 9 months. Easy to use - simply pump the desired number of pumps to whiten the cup. Lactose-Free; Cholesterol-Free; Gluten-Free; Kosher Dairy. One pump equals one liquid creamer single. There are 300 servings per bottle. This pump bottle is a format with no mess, easy to clean and reduced waste. Its unique pump system locks the pump to the bottle once installed, making it impossible to remove and entirely tamper proof.

MFR SKU: 00050000318315USL
GTIN: 00050000318315
Pack Size: 2 / 1.58 QT

How to Buy

Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 08/04/2020

A single serving is one pump which is equivalent to one single tub serving. Use in moderation for your perfect cup.
1. Record date the bottle is opened on the white date code area on the label with a permanent marker. Remove cap and safety seal. 2. Remove pump from plastic bag. Turn nozzle clockwise until it releases. With clean, dry hands insert straw into pump. Insert pump into the bottle and turn cap clockwise until it locks into place. 3. Prime the pump by pressing 2-3 times. Dispense one pump to coffee for each single-serve liquid creamer normally used and stir. 1 Pump = 1 Serving 4. Leave on the counter or place in rack and enjoy. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

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Milk or Milk Derivatives

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Ship and store between 50°F and 80°F. Do not refrigerate or freeze.
Shelf Life: 270 Days
Gross Weight: 8.9200 LB
Net Weight: 8.1200 LB
Master Cube: 0.26 CF

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