MINOR'S Culinary Cream 30lb

From: Nestle Professional

Eliminates separation in cream & butter-based sauces. Provides steam table stability for up to 4 hours. Replaces the need for cream reduction, saving time & assuring product consistency. Won't curdle when added to acids such as vinegar, citrus juice or wine. Reduces waste; no more broken sauces. Reduces fat in your recipes when replacing butter or heavy cream. Ideal for operators who require advance preparation & large batch production. Perfect for cook to order menu items. Blends quickly and easily.

MFR SKU: 00074826730052USL
GTIN: 00074826730052
Pack Size: 1 / 30 LB

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Can replace the cream reduction step in recipes, speeding up the preparation time in cook-to-order dishes, so you can create a rich Alfredo or Carbonara sauce. CREAM SOUP AND SAUCES - have added stability and do not separate. MASHED POTATOES hold better, staying creamy and delicious. .SCRAMBLED EGGS remain moist and flavorful, and maintain color. COLD SALADS stay creamy and hold together longer.
To stabilize cream and butter sauces use the following as a guideline: Replace 4 cups (1 qt) of HEAVY CREAM with 2 cups Culinary Cream and 2 cups of skim milk. Replace 4 cups of HALF & HALF with 1 cup Culinary Cream and 3 cups skim milk. Replace 4 cups of REDUCED HEAVY CREAM with 4 cups of Culinary Cream. Replace 1 lb of BUTTER with 8 oz of Culinary Cream and 8 oz of butter.

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Storage Temperature: Refrigerated 34F - 40F. Shelf Life in Days: 150
Shelf Life: 150 Days
Gross Weight: 32.0000 LB
Net Weight: 30.0000 LB
Master Cube: 0.80 CF