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Large gourmet cinnamon roll made with moist buttery dough and packed withrich imported cinnamon paste.

MFR SKU: 01646
GTIN: 00049800016460
UPC: 004980001646
Pack Size: 108 / 5 OZ

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Peanut Butter and Honey Glazed Rolls, Sticky Buns, Crumb Buns, Fruit and Cinnamon Cake
1. Keep dough frozen at 0 F or below until ready to use. 2. Remove frozen dough pieces and place on greased or parchment lined pans. PANNING CHART ------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------- Size Individual Clustered Full Sheet Pan ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- 5.0 OZ. 2 X 4 3 X 5 2 X 4 3. To prevent product from drying out, cover each pan with oiled plastic wrap or cover entire pan rack with a rack cover. 4. Place covered product in a retarder or refrigerator at 36 F - 40 F andthaw overnight or product may be thawed covered at room temperature for 45 - 120 minutes depending of size of dough piece. 5. Place in proofer set at 90 F - 110 F with 85% relative humidity for approximately 40-60 minutes or until proofed. If proof box is not available, leave dough covered and proof in warm spot in the kitchen. Proofing is complete when the indentation from a floured finger, pressed lightly into the dough, remains. If indentation bounces back, furtherproofing is required. 6. Bake in a preheated oven (325 F - Convection or Rack ovens, 350 F - Deck oven) until product is golden brown on top, sides and bottom. Bakingtimes will vary according to size of rolls, type of oven and fan speed (if applicable). Approximate baking times: --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- SIZE BAKING TIME (MINUTES) ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------- 5 ounce rolls clustered 14 to 20 5 ounce rolls individual 12 to 15 7. Remove from oven and brush with Rich's® Glaze 'N Shine (Rich's® # 21784). 8. Cool and ice with appropriate icings (Rich's Creme Cheese Icing (Rich's® # 20036) or warm Heat 'N Ice (Rich's® # 21952)). 9. Hold baked rolls covered at room temperature.

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Glutencereals or Glutencereal Derivatives, Soybeans or Soybean Derivatives, Wheat or Wheat Derivatives

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Keep frozen until required
Shelf Life: 210 Days
Gross Weight: 35.3880 LB
Net Weight: 33.7500 LB
Master Cube: 1.23 CF