Beef Pattie Choice BAC TNJ 2oz RD LP 15#

By: Thick N Juicy®  From: Branding Iron Holdings

Made with Black Angus Chuck Beef!! Lightly preseasoned to enhance the natural beef flavor, and for uniform taste throughout. Made with high quality ingredients. Clean label, few ingredients. Contains no MSG, or HVP, soy, or other fillers! Gluten free! Individually Quick Frozen for ease of handling, product safety, and product freshness. Easy to cook – goes straight from freezer to grill. Sliders are fun for your customers & profitable for you! Multiple uses – appetizers, sample platters, party trays, children’s menus. Great taste builds customer loyalty. Exact portioning controls costs. Processed under HACCP procedures and USDA regulations to ensure food safety. SQF Food Safety and Quality Codes Certified!

MFR SKU: 12587
GTIN: 00079821125872
Pack Size: 120 / 2 OZ

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 11/05/2019

Serve three in a basket with curly fries for a quick lunch entrée. Serve several in a basket with dipping sauce for a shared appetizer or meal. Serve three to four on a plate with fries for a main-menu item. Use sliders to create a sample platter of the house gourmet /specialty burgers. Serve on children’s menus - for even more fun serve on a frisbee or in a small bucket. Serve a dozen individually wrapped sliders in a beach bucket for taking out to picnics or tail-gates. Mini-burgers make great finger-food for parties!
Cook patties from frozen state for best results. Grill: Place on a preheated (350F) grill and cook until juices begin to pool. Turn pattie and continue cooking until juices run clear. Always cook ground beef products to an internal temperature of 160F.

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Product should be stored between 10 and -10 degrees F
Shelf Life: 180 Days
Gross Weight: 15.8800 LB
Net Weight: 15.0000 LB
Master Cube: 0.66 CF

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