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Daiya Foods was founded in 2008 out of a love for food and a commitment to healthy living. Today, as an industry leader, Daiya remains passionate about celebrating delicious food that is dairy, gluten and soy free. Its line of premium plant-based foods, like Greek Yogurt Alternative, Pizzas, Cheezecakes, Cream Cheese Style Spreads and wonderful cheese alternatives, including Blocks, Shreds and Slices, are available in the dairy case and freezer aisle. Daiya recently expanded its offerings to include shelf-stable products like its Cheezy Macs and Dressings. Daiya’ selection of deliciously dairy-free foods can be found in more than 22,000 grocery stores in the US. For more information about Daiya, please visit daiyafoods.com, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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Daiya Shreds are designed for melting which makes them great for use on pizza in casseroles and sauces. Its important to use the optimum amounts of Daiya for best performance. You dont need as much Daiya as you would use dairy cheese
For best results when using as a topping, such as the top layer of a lasagna, add Daiya in the last 5 - 10 minutes (depending on temperature). This will yield smooth melting properties without excessive browning. Our shreds sometimes may not look melted because they hold their shape better than melted dairy cheese. If you want to double check, you can run a fork or knife through the shreds.

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Shelf Life: 200 Days
Gross Weight: 20.6000 LB
Net Weight: 20.0000 LB
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