Idahoan Scalloped Casserole Carton--6 ct/2.54 lb.

By: Idahoan®  From: Idahoan Foods

For 60 years, the name Idahoan has stood for the highest-quality potatoes in the world. Back in 1960, a group of Eastern Idaho’s potato growers and local businessmen joined forces to share their potatoes with the world. Our products are renowned for their perfect flavor and texture by foodservice operators and their customers alike. At Idahoan, our potatoes are the best because potatoes are all we do. We control every aspect of our production process – something most competitors can’t say. As stewards of the land, we reuse our water for irrigation, our waste is recycled as animal feed, and our fresh-dried potatoes significantly cut back on the emission-producing transport space and refrigeration. What’s more, our potatoes are custom-grown for our products – and we’ve used our 60 years of experience to develop proprietary cooking techniques that deliver superior flavor and texture in every serving.

MFR SKU: 2970000881
GTIN: 10029700008816
UPC: 029700008819
Pack Size: 6 / 2.54 LB

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 12/21/2020

1. Add boiling water, margarine or butter (if desired) into steam table pan per preparation chart below. 2. Stir in sauce mix with wire whip and add potato slices and mix evenly. 3. Bake in convection oven at 350°F for 35 minutes (400°F for 40 minutes in conventional oven). 2 ½” Deep Pan Half Pan Full Pan Water 2 ½ quarts 5 quarts Margarine or Butter 2 ounces 4 ounces Sauce Pouch 1 pouch 2 pouches Potatoes ½ Carton Entire Carton

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The shelf life is approximately 12 months from date of packaging code (imprinted on the package), when stored away from direct heat, in a cool, dry location, away from strong contaminating odors. Storage conditions should not exceed 80°F and 60% R.H.
Shelf Life: 365 Days
Gross Weight: 17.6900 LB
Net Weight: 15.2400 LB
Master Cube: 1.14 CF

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