Chicken of the Sea Solid Albacore Tuna in Oil 24/5 ounce

By: Chicken of the Sea®  From: Chicken of the Sea International

Ready to eat Solid Albacore tuna in oil, simply drain the liquid and serve alone, as a salad topping or mixed with mayo, olive oil and vegetables to make a tuna salad. High in Omega-3, packed with protein and low in fat; Kosher; Dolphin Safe

MFR SKU: 10048000013658
GTIN: 10048000013658
Pack Size: 1 / 120 OZ

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Versatile protein, Albacore tuna is great as part of an appetizer, salad, pasta, pizza, sandwich, wrap or many other recipes. For recipe ideas visit

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Store in a cool dry place
Shelf Life: 1095 Days
Gross Weight: 9.5600 LB
Net Weight: 7.5000 LB
Master Cube: 0.23 CF