By: King & Prince  From: King & Prince Seafood Corp.

Premium, P&D, tail-on shrimp are water-glazed and quick-frozen to capture the firm, delicious texture and taste of freshly harvested shrimp. Add your own special marinade or sauce for an exclusive flavor profile.

MFR SKU: 057515
GTIN: 10041338575157
Pack Size: 72 / 2.6 OZ

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 12/18/2018

  • Appetizers• Grilled shrimp salads• Create combos to add variety topopular entrées• Great for Surf & Turf• Lunch or dinner entrées
To Grill, Bake or Broil, cook on each side approximately 1-2 minutes from a thawed state or 3-4 minutes from a frozen state (depending on cooking temperature) or until core temperature reaches 165°F. DO NOT OVERCOOK.

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Keep Frozen
Shelf Life: 545 Days
Gross Weight: 15.4000 LB
Net Weight: 11.5000 LB
Master Cube: 0.96 CF