WAYNE FARMS Ready-To-Cook Individually Frozen 2.12-2.38 oz. Marinated Chicken Tenderloins (40 lb.)

By: Wayne Farms®  From: Wayne Farms LLC

Ready to cook makes it easy for chefs to season and prepare. Vacuum packaging preserves fresh flavor and appearance for extended shelf life. Clear labeling makes it easy to read product descriptions, codes, packing dates and other details. Numerous cooking methods accomodate menu versatility and cooking preferences.

MFR SKU: 15910
GTIN: 10038483159103
Pack Size: 8 / 5 LB

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 02/28/2019

Versatile as salad toppers; in basket with side of fries and honey mustard sauce; atop steamed rice and vegetables or on kid's menu. Appetizer, entree or kid's item.
COOK according to instructions below or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F as measured by a calibrated food service thermometer

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Dietary Restriction Claims
Gluten Free

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Keep frozen - ready to cook. Sanitize all surfaces contacted by raw poultry.
Shelf Life: 270 Days
Gross Weight: 42.3790 LB
Net Weight: 40.0000 LB
Master Cube: 1.72 CF