By: Folgers®  From: Smucker Company, The J.M.

The World's finest coffee, is fresh lively taste and sweet aroma make it a great eye-opener

MFR SKU: 2550062202
GTIN: 10025500622023
UPC: 2550062202
Pack Size: 2 / 1.25 LTR

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 01/26/2019

Dispense and serve with cream or milk and/or sugar.
Thaw product 1-2 days in refrigerator until thawed. Shake pack at least 10 times. Remove plastic film wrap. Pull perforated strip from pack. Take dosing tube out of pack. Pull dosing tube towards red ring on pack. Red circle on dosing tube must cover red circle on outside of pack. Check that dosing tube is straight and correctly positioned. Reverse pack and place pack in dispenser.

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Keep frozen until ready to use.
Shelf Life: 360 Days
Gross Weight: 3.1750 KGM
Net Weight: 2.7990 KGM
Master Cube: 4247.50 CMQ