Use 1FS Schools to get ALL the information you need for your bids!

As the leading provider of product information, nutritional information and documents for K12 products our product library is the most robust in the industry…..and continues to grow. Food Service Enablers works directly with 100’s of manufactures to obtain the critical product information that is required to support your member districts.

Not only do we help you manage your bids items after the finalization process is complete, we can also help during the selection and evaluation process. Once the items are selected, we run them through our gs1 powered database, enhance the products with additional information such as Buy American statements, CN Labels and Product Formulation documents just to name a few examples.

Then we provide all this information in on the 1fsschools website and through the 1FS mobile app all at no cost to you or the school district. All your bid items and nutritional information is then readily available and easily searchable by your districts during the menu planning and audit process.

Manufacturers benefits in working with Food Service Enablers as we help them extend their reach into the K12 market during the menu planning and procurement process. Let us help you streamline and simplify your bid management process. To get started or to learn more send us your contact information and we will get you up and running in no time.