School food service buyers can find it challenging when looking for up to date Food Service Product information that includes Child Nutrition information and school food qualifiers like 51% Whole Grain or Smart Snacks. Many schools may Google the ingredients, or perhaps go to various manufacturers’ websites, hoping to find the information they seek. But until now, there was no single place that would give them the whole picture needed to make the most informed choice.

Now there is a single, unified food service product catalog created just for school food service buyers:

School food buyers can now search across food service manufacturers
and get detailed, up to date child nutrition and allergen information. 1FS utilizes powerful searching functionality allowing users to search by keyword, sku or nutritional values. Users can also use the 1FS Comparison Tool to compare products and find the one that fits their needs.

1FS School members can favorite and collect favorite items into lists, making it easier than ever to prepare for upcoming bids or go back and audit nutritionals on past bid items. Qualified school members can also request samples and share their lists with other school food buyers, collaborating to bring efficiency to a school director's busy day.