The school foodservice industry faces a common problem. K-12 buyers spend valuable time searching for product information and asking questions, without an efficient process or communication stream to get answers back from manufacturers and brokers.

Now there is a single, unified product catalog that goes beyond simple product information. 1FS Schools connects Buyers & Sellers in the K12 Industry.

1FS Schools solves the inefficiency in the K-12 industry by providing a one stop shop for up-to-date product information that supports research and communication throughout the bid process and the entire school year. 

Because product information is in one place, K-12 buyers don’t have to spend time searching manufacturer websites or emailing sales reps. Easily find up-to-date nutrition information, spec sheets, ingredient lists and more, anytime you need it.

Our network of over 5,000 schools is growing rapidly as large school districts and co-ops are discovering that the 1FS Schools solution has all the product information they need to curate and maintain bids throughout the year. 

So don’t wait, signing up is free, contact us today!