We at Dairy Maid Dairy are Frederick's oldest dairy. Our state-of-the-art facility is located just outside of the heart of historic Frederick, Maryland and has been putting great tasting milk on your family's table since 1894. Our family takes pride and has so much passion for delivering the best tasting and nutritious milks and juices to your family's table. All of our milk products contain the rBST pledge. Our local Dairy Farmers pledge not to use Artificial Growth Hormones on their cows. 100% of all our milk is antibiotic free with every drop tested to insure we meet and exceed all regulatory agency requirements and to insure we meet our own expectations.

When Joseph Vona decided to buy a dairy plant in 1946, he figured he'd have to roll up his sleeves. In addition to having to engage in fierce competition with at least half-a-dozen dairies in the county, Joseph had a handicap - he had no experience in the dairy industry. When he returned from serving in the army in WWII, Joseph was looking for a business opportunity when he answered a one and a half by one inch ad in the Frederick News-Post. Perhaps he took it as a good sign when he learned the business opportunity for sale was a proven quantity - The Excelsior Sanitary Dairy, the oldest in Frederick, founded in 1894.