On October 13,1887, his twenty-first birthday, C. F. Sauer founded the company that still bears his name at 17th and Broad Streets in Richmond.  It was the first company in the country to provide pure flavoring extracts in five and ten-gram cartoned bottles, to be sold for fifteen and twenty-five cents, respectively.  The company grew rapidly, as Mr. Sauer made products that had once cost a king’s ransom available to homemakers for a few pennies. 

More recently, the demand for convenience products caused the Sauer Company to enlarge the Richmond plant and storage facilities to include the special machinery needed to produce dry mixes for the Sauer line of gravy, sauce and seasoning mixes. 

 C. F. Sauer Foodservice was organized as a separate entity in 1984 to make recipes and flavoring for commercial users. This division deals in bulk quantities of C. F. Sauer spices, spice mixes, oils, mustard, mayonnaise, margarine and liquid butter substitutes. Foodservice also provides custom spice blends under contract to several national food manufacturers and retail food chains.

The first of two very significant acquisitions in 1999 was the August purchase of The Spice Hunter of San Luis Obispo, California. This niche marketer of exotic spices, spice blends and all-natural foods has over 300 products with a twenty-year track record of growth and innovation.

Within weeks of announcing this purchase, the company also acquired Mrs. Filbert’s Mayonnaise—a competing product for Duke’s Mayonnaise in some markets, and an introduction for The C. F. Sauer Company into new geographic territories.

To meet the needs of customers in western U. S. markets, the company built a 250,000 sq. ft. mayonnaise and margarine production facility in New Century, Kansas. Operating as C. F. Sauer Foods West LLC, the new plant provides distribution across the U.S. 

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