Unilever Foodsolutions is one of the world's leading global foodservice companies. We work with customers in all facets of the foodservice industry to create food solutions that help grow their business. Through our global organization we are one of the few foodservice companies that can serve global operators.

Our solutions vary as widely as our customers’ menus. Whether it’s a time-tested ingredient, an on-trend flavor or a labor-saving prepared product, there’s a Unilever Foodsolutions product to solve every problem. Backed by our culinary expertise and merchandising programs, we provide business-building support to single operations and multi-unit chains.

We focus on understanding you, our customer, and designing solutions specifically to meet your needs, using our expertise in taste, chefmanship, food technology and service backed by the right choice of Unilever Foodsolutions products and brands.

The global foodservice industry is worth nearly $420 billion and is growing rapidly as people around the world eat out more than ever before. In the U.S., more than half of every food dollar is spent outside the home. In Europe, this figure is as high as one-third and, in Hong Kong, 2.5 meals out of every three are eaten away from home.

Unilever Foodsolutions operates in 65 countries worldwide. We directly employ 5400 people including 2600 salespeople and 150 chefs.

The Unilever Foodsolutions umbrella is home to such well-known brands as KNORR®, Hellmann’s®, Lipton®, Lawry’s®, Promise®, LeGoût® and Country Crock®.

Our Brands