Since 1989, Bake Crafters has operated with a single aim: providing the baked goods customers want. This means broad selection, rapid product development, competitive prices, dedicated customer service, and much more. Bake Crafters offers value-priced goods for schools, healthcare, sandwich makers, in-store bakeries, and restaurants. Over 300 million servings of our products were used in schools nationwide during the school year.

Whether you're talking with someone in our corporate office, a regional sales director, or one of the 70+ people on our commissioned sales team, we strive to understand your needs and find a way to serve them. Bake Crafter's customers enjoy low minimum orders, huge product selection, custom product development, geographic reach, depth of experience, and dedicated customer service. We are your one stop for value-priced baked goods.

Bake Crafter's products include breads, breakfast breads, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, hot breakfast items, lunch sandwiches, mini loaves, muffins, sandwich breads, sweet breakfast items, and more.

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