Stouffer's Corn Pudding 4 x 72 ounces

By: Stouffer's®  From: Nestle Professional

Stouffer's Corn Pudding is whole, sweet kernel corn combined with skim milk, eggs and seasonings for light and fluffy soufflé-like texture. No Preservatives. No Artificial Flavors. 0 g of Trans Fat per serving. Holds well on a steam table or buffet. Easy handling and ready to heat in tray. Can be served as a side, topping or customized to be part of the main dish. Keep frozen until ready to use. Great to use for FSR, hotel/lodging, C&U, healthcare and more. In 1922, Mahala and Abraham Stouffer started a tradition of delicious food that has guided us for almost 100 years. At Stouffer’s, real food means real ingredients, crafted into customer favorites by chefs in a kitchen like yours, only bigger. Where our products are freshly made and simply frozen, and include a wide range of options such as freshly-made pasta and real cheese, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, and whole grain offerings. Explore the easy-to-serve possibilities with simple, consistent scratch-made taste you can be proud to call your own.

MFR SKU: 10013800305241USL
GTIN: 10013800305241
Pack Size: 4 / 72 OZ

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Create a quick and delicious corn chowder by adding lightly sautéed chopped onions, chicken broth, steamed and cubed potatoes, milk and seasonings. Another idea is to spoon into individual casseroles before baking; top with a drizzle of pancake syrup for a touch of country cooking and serve with sausage, baked ham, fried chicken, roast beef or pork.
For food safety and quality, read and follow these COOKING INSTRUCTIONS to ensure the product reaches an internal temperature of 200-206°F. Cooking time may vary based on equipment and quantity cooked in equipment. Check for doneness using thermometer. 1. CONVECTION OVEN 275ºF Preheated: Remove lid. Place tray on a baking sheet. Cook Frozen (0ºF) product for 1 hr. and 15-20 min./Thawed (40ºF or less) product for 55-60 min. 2. CONVENTIONAL OVEN 375ºF Preheated: Remove lid. Place tray on a baking sheet. Cook Frozen (0ºF) product for 1 hr. and 30-35 min./Thawed (40ºF or less) product for 1 hr. 5-10 min. 3.MICROWAVE OVEN 1100 WATT: Cook uncovered in microwave-safe container; stir during cooking. Cook 4 oz. Thawed (40ºF or less) product 50% Power for 3 1/2 - 4 min. •Bake until golden brown and center is firmly set. •Product must be cooked to an internal temperature of 200-206ºF. •If thawing, product must be thawed under refrigeration (40ºF) for no more than 48 hours prior to cooking. DO NOT REFREEZE. 4. For food safety and quality, follow cooking instructions. Cook product to an internal temperature of 165° F. Not processed to control microbiological hazards.

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Storage Temperature: Frozen < 32°F. Shelf Life in Days: 720.
Shelf Life: 540 Days
Gross Weight: 19.2500 LB
Net Weight: 18.0000 LB
Master Cube: 0.56 CF