Nestle Milano, Premium Chocolate Mix, 4 x 1.75 lb, 105 servings

By: Nestle®  From: Nestle Professional

Discover the difference in taste, quality, and consistency of Nescafe Milano Premium Hot Chocolate Mix - a rich, creamy chocolate mix made with the finest cocoa beans lends itself to create a classic style hot chocolate or decadent mocha. Create decadent hot chocolates and mochas with efficiency through the Nescafe Milano system. Pour product directly into Nescafe Milano hopper, no mixing or manual preparation is needed. Imagine serving barista-quality espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate, and more with unparalleled speed and remarkable consistency no matter who is making them. The Nescafe Milano program is bringing a new level of end-cup quality, customization, and convenience all at the touch of a button. Deliver consistent beverages and exceed your customers' expectations while gaining incremental sales. Astonishingly simple. That's Nescafe Milano.

MFR SKU: 00028000103439USL
GTIN: 00028000103439
Pack Size: 4 / 1.75 LB

How to Buy

Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 01/15/2021

Serve in a glass cup to allow for viewing of the beautiful layers on specialty beverages
Pour product directly into canister, select your desired beverage from the touch screen display, and enjoy

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Store in a cool, dry place. Product good for 20 days once opened.
Shelf Life: 540 Days
Gross Weight: 7.6000 LB
Net Weight: 7.0000 LB
Master Cube: 0.31 CF

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