By: King & Prince  From: King & Prince Seafood Corp.

Cooked shrimp, real crab, fresh Parmesan cheese and zesty seasoning blended with cream cheese. Use for appetizers, ingredient, savory sauces, toppings and spreads to add variety to any menu. Packaged for convenience or bulk.

MFR SKU: 057996
GTIN: 00041338579967
Pack Size: 24 / 6 OZ

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Product information last updated from MFR GS1 feed 12/13/2017

  • Appetizers with chips• Use as base for seafood pizza orflat bread• Breakfast omelette or benedict• Seafood quesadillas• Use as an ingredient forsignature dishes/sauces• Stuffed mushrooms
Thaw under refrigeration to reduce cooking times. Oven Preparation: Place one portion in baking dish. Bake as recommended below or until color is light golden brown on top. For best results, cover with aluminum foil, remove foil and stir halfway through baking. Convection Oven: From Frozen 400°F/204°C 14-16 minutes. From Thawed 400°F/204°C 8-10 minutes.

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Keep Frozen
Shelf Life: 540 Days
Gross Weight: 10.2100 LB
Net Weight: 9.0000 LB
Master Cube: 0.52 CF